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Vietnam Series – Hoi An

Hoi An was nice, the highlight of the trip. Up until this point our ‘holiday’ had at times felt more like bootcamp than resort, but this was the Vietnam we were after. Advertisements

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Vietnam Series – Hue

The flight from Saigon to Hue was fairly pukey, and one suspects this is often the case. Hue is the old capital, famous for her Citadel and Forbidden Palace. Beyond that though, Hue is famous for having diabolical weather, sitting … Continue reading

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Vietnam Series – Phu Quoc

Two days behind schedule, but moving fast, we arrived in Saigon in the dead of night, only to find Saigon was actually ticking along much as it always does. Almost constantly and somewhat chaotically.

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Vietnam Series – Thoan the Tailor

A quick story from Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City for the historically forward looking. I’ll write up some of the early stuff from this trip later, but I better write this down now before I forget. It’s the end … Continue reading

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