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Managing Backyard Chickens – Canberra

Managing chickens in suburbia comes with different challenges than a rural environment; where the land is less scarce, and neighbours further away. Keeping a flock of layers or even meat birds will require a bit of management to avoid odours, … Continue reading

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Some Differences Between Ducks and Chickens

We’ve had chickens for a while now, and recently acquired some ducks. I’ll do a post on their behavioural differences later, but this post is going to concentrate on some of the more explicit differences between the birds which are … Continue reading

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Summer 10/11 Garden Diary

A summary of Successes, Failures and Updates. Failures first, so we finish on a high.

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Keeping Chooks – The Easy Version

It’s been bought to my attention (Thanks Elly!) that my Chook Compound Post, while instructive, is a bit intimidating. I agree too. I over-engineered that thing to just within the limit of my abilities. Really, what’s needed is a bare-bones … Continue reading

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