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Birdwatching Series P3 – The House Crow Comedy

This is a story from a couple of years ago, that involves a lot of uppity birdwatchers, the internet and April Fool’s Day. Advertisements

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Birdwatching Series P2 – The Glossy Black Cockatoo

If I was forced, I would describe the Glossy Black Cockatoto, (Calyptorhynchus lathami) as my favourite, and possibly the best, bird in Australia. Not that any such crass list could properly detail my relationship with these birds. This blog post … Continue reading

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Birdwatching Series P1 – Birds and Habitat

If I’m going to write an esoteric blog, I should just acknowledge it and do it properly. Because my audience is weird and varied I can’t assume a common understanding. The remedy for this is telling my stories from the … Continue reading

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