Other Things I’ve Written

It’s getting to the stage where I’ve written a lot of words on the internet, with more created virtually every day. I’ll collect the articles above a certain size here, most recent at the top.

A lot of my more industrial and economy-wide commentary is now over at evcricketenergy.wordpress.com. Long form pieces, with graphs in some cases.

Another one from Limited News, this time on Poaching Eggs

My Why Are Electricity Prices Going Up? Post from evcricket.energy was cleaned up and ran in the Herald Sun

Here’s a piece on raising pigs and eating them I wrote for Ltd News

When I was a public servant I wrote these two gigantic documents on energy efficiency; one on Resource Processing the other on Mining. They are “pretty technical”.

Here’s an article for New Matilda on the arguments surrounding desalination and supplying water to large cities.

Guest Blog Post over on @Gabfran’s Law and Shoes Blog. It’s about my Doc Martens.

I’ve written some stuff for Crikey as well. Some of which got me in trouble, but that’s all in the past now.
An article on how Renewable Energy Credits work
And the status of large scale solar energy in Australia

Here’s where it all began, good old Chockstone, the forum for bludging climbers:
In particular, the climate change thread, I’m evanbb


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  1. Nancy says:

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

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