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Shed Project: Finished!

This is the shed that the internet built. The Pozible launched on the 27th of February and I started foundation work on the 3rd of March. We poured the slab on the 12th of April, 41 days later. There was … Continue reading

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Shed Project: Construction phase

By this time I had settled on a post and beam construction method. The major structural elements would be vertical timber posts supporting horizontal timber beams. These are sized to hold a lot more than their own weight and the … Continue reading

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Shed Project: Design for recycled materials

In general, a design and build project runs like this: define problem, determine solution, design solution, order materials to match the design, build. But using recycled materials turns this relationship around. Problem definition remains, but becomes more a set of … Continue reading

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Shed Project – The Slab

Incredibly, my Pozible reached its target after a little over a week. The timing couldn’t have been better either; I was made redundant on the day I launched the project, so suddenly I had all this free time to make … Continue reading

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Learning to cut dovetail joints

I made a couple of New Year Resolutions this year, which is unusual for me. Although, I think the last two I probably went for were ‘parent better’ and ‘drink less’. But this year I have two SMART (specific, measurable, … Continue reading

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A question for AGW “skeptics”

For better or worse, I have spent quite a bit of time arguing with “humans are causing global warming and it’s a bad thing” deniers/skeptics on the internet. I don’t expect I will ever change their minds, in fact I … Continue reading

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TED Talk – A low energy use life is glorious.

I did a TEDx Talk in Canberra recently. Here’s the video: In this talk I wanted to get people excited about an energy efficient lifestyle. Rather than the Earth Hour view that to save the planet we need to go … Continue reading

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