About me and my blog.

The thrust of this blog has changed a bit as my priorities have changed.

I’ve started a separate blog for energy/policy discussion which gets updated far more frequently.

Here I will focus on the long form with photos I’ve done in the past, and they will mostly be gardening and backyard engineering posts.

The old posts are mostly climbing trip reports, and they’re full of photos and loads of fun.

I don’t climb so much these days, virtually giving up on day trip climbing completely. I spend a lot of time fiddling around doing complex things in the garden, so I’m blogging a lot of that to try and share some information and experiences.

I’m also an engineer, bird watcher and politics nerd. There’s a chance I could blog on any of those topics at a moment’s notice.

Also a note on photos. All the pics IN the post are my own; this is true for all my blog posts. If the pics not mine I’ll link to it externally.


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