A Comment on Comments

I’ve been speaking to some other blogging friends recently about the flow of comments to one’s blog.

The overwhelming feeling is that for what ever reason, people who agree with what you’re saying rarely comment; those that are usually provoked to comment do so to disagree. Hence the old adage ‘what ever you do, don’t read the comments’. I would say this applies mostly to articles on the web in general and less so blog posts.

It means that I’ve written posts that had 20 comments; every one negative. But, when I talk to my friends they say ‘sure I read it and totally agreed’. So, why don’t we discuss things we agree with, but are so keen to let someone know we disagree? Just human nature I guess. I definitely do it.

It comes back to one’s reasons for blogging in the first place. For me, it’s a forum to discuss ideas; usually it’s me presenting an idea for your consideration. The discussion comes in when you leave comments. Any of the posts I write are clearly of interest to me, so I want to talk about them, rather than broadcasting to the world. So, all I ask then, is if you have a comment, anything, post it. If you liked a bit, tell me, but let me know why. If you disagree with something, definitely tell me as well. But the reasons are the important bit.

I know I write some esoterica, but there’s an opportunity here for some similarly like-minded people to discuss some big ideas. You’ve all listened very respectfully so far, but how about jumping in more often? Comments make the internet fun.


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