TED Talk – A low energy use life is glorious.

I did a TEDx Talk in Canberra recently. Here’s the video:

In this talk I wanted to get people excited about an energy efficient lifestyle. Rather than the Earth Hour view that to save the planet we need to go without I think an energy efficient lifestyle is actually pretty nice and this talk focuses on some of the co-benefits that come with energy efficiency, using some examples from my industrial career.

Let me know what you think.



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Extreme gardener, engineer and bird nerd.
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3 Responses to TED Talk – A low energy use life is glorious.

  1. LJS says:

    Ha, love it. I’ve never liked the idea of Earth Hour, it smacks too much of hair shirts and self-flagellation to ever have sufficiently broad appeal. The story you tell here, and the message delivered is more easily and pleasantly digested!
    On random other notes as an ex-Victorian now Canberrite sometime rock climber evanbb on chockstone huh? I rarely posted so you wouldn’t know me but small world etc.
    As well, having recently bought (<1yr) on the North side (Hackett) your energy reno post is most timely, as our place is a custom build but similar age to the govies and so suffers from similar issues. Previous owners have rectified some, and I have a long list of todos, but it's always nice to see the path others have trod.
    Thanks for the interesting posts here and at the energy blog over recent years, they're much appreciated!

  2. Brilliant, thank you for putting this together and sharing this Ev. I want to take cues from what you’ve done, but feel a little lost when it comes to motivation and getting organised. For now I’ve got one question: Exactly how did you do leak detection and reduction?

    • evcricket says:

      Thanks Gregory. Leak detection is probably a bit of a grand term for it; I just looked for holes in the building envelope. They are usually pretty obvious, around doors and windows, then some of the weird ones like bathroom exhaust fans, kitchen exhausts etc. Check out the the retrofit post here http://wp.me/pDhV1-8J for a few tips on that. But for us it was just a matter of looking for holes and trying to fill them.

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